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[00:02.16]I shall not attempt to describe the grateful emotions which the new and very distinguished proof of the confidence of my fellow_citizens,
[00:09.29]evinced by my reelection to this high trust,has excited in my bosom.
[00:14.58]The approbation which it announces of my conduct in the preceding term affords me a consolation which I shall profoundly feel through life.
[00:23.51]The general accord with which it has been expressed adds to the great and never_ceasing obligations which it imposes.
[00:31.46]To merit the continuance of this good opinion,and to carry it with me into my retirement as the solace of advancing years,
[00:39.06]will be the object of my most zealous and unceasing efforts.
[00:43.81]I have never dreaded,nor have I ever shunned,
[00:47.38]in any situation in which I have been placed making appeals to the virtue and patriotism of my fellow_citizens,
[00:53.32]well knowing that they could never be made in vain,especially in times of great emergency or for purposes of high national importance.
[01:02.17]Independently of the exigency of the case,
[01:04.80]many considerations of great weight urge a policy having in view a provision of revenue to meet to a certain extent the demands of the nation,
[01:13.73]without relying altogether on the precarious resource of foreign commerce.
[01:18.66]I am satisfied that internal duties and excises,with corresponding imposts on foreign articles of the same kind,would,
[01:26.15]without imposing any serious burdens on the people,enhance the price of produce,
[01:31.80]promote our manufactures,and augment the revenue,
[01:35.54]at the same time that they made it more secure and permanent.
[01:39.47]If we turn our attention,fellow_citizens,more immediately to the internal concerns of our country,
[01:45.66]and more especially to those on which its future welfare depends,we have every reason to anticipate the happiest results.
[01:53.80]It is now rather more than forty_four years since we declared our independence ,
[01:58.15]and thirty_seven since it was acknowledged.
[02:01.61]The talents and virtues which were displayed in that great struggle were a sure presage of all that has since followed.
[02:08.63]A people who were able to surmount in their infant state such great perils would be more competent as they rose into manhood to repel any which they might meet in their progress.
[02:19.28]Their physical strength would be more adequate to foreign danger,and the practice of self_government,
[02:24.68]aided by the light of experience,could not fail to produce an effect equally salutary on all those questions connected with the internal organization.
[02:33.90]These favorable anticipations have been realized.
[02:37.46]In our whole system,national and State,
[02:40.31]we have shunned all the defects which unceasingly preyed on the vitals and destroyed the ancient Republics.
[02:46.07]In them there were distinct orders,a nobility and a people,
[02:50.60]or the people governed in one assembly.
[02:53.23]Thus,in the one instance there was a perpetual conflict between the orders in society for the ascendency,
[02:59.96]in which the victory of either terminated in the overthrow of the government and the ruin of the state;
[03:05.36]in the other,in which the people governed in a body,
[03:09.00]and whose dominions seldom exceeded the dimensions of a county in one of our States,
[03:14.04]a tumultuous and disorderly movement permitted only a transitory existence.
[03:19.26]In this great nation there is but one order,that of the people,whose power,
[03:24.66]by a peculiarly happy improvement of the representative principle,is transferred from them,
[03:29.77]without impairing in the slightest degree their sovereignty,to bodies of their own creation,
[03:35.35]and to persons elected by themselves,in the full extent necessary for all the purposes of free,enlightened and efficient government.
[03:42.84]The whole system is elective,the complete sovereignty being in the people,
[03:48.06]and every officer in every department deriving his authority from and being responsible to them for his conduct.
[03:55.55]Our career has correspon with this great outline.
[03:59.29]Perfection in our organization could not have been expected in the outset either in the National or State Governments or in tracing the line between their respective powers.
[04:09.16]But no serious conflict has arisen,nor any contest but such as are managed by argument and by a fair appeal to the good sense of the people,
[04:18.77]and many of the defects which experience had clearly demonstrated in both Governments have been remedied,
[04:25.14]By steadily pursuing this course in this spirit there is every reason to believe that our system will soon attain the highest degree of perfection of which human institutions are capable,
[04:35.65]and that the movement in all its branches will exhibit such a degree of order and harmony as to command the admiration and respect of the civilized world.
[04:44.87]Entering with these views the office which I have just solemnly sworn to execute with fidelity and to the utmost of my ability,
[04:51.02]I derive great satisfaction from a knowledge that I shall be assisted in the several Departments by the very enlightened and upright citizens from whom I have received so much aid in the preceding term.
[05:02.15]With full confidence in the continuance of that candor and generous indulgence from my fellow_citizens at large which I have heretofore experienced,
[05:10.82]and with a firm reliance on the protection of Almighty God.
[05:14.28]I shall forthwith commence the duties of the high trust to which you have called me.

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