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《经济学人》:再次憧憬未来 Reimagining the Future

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“THAT city will, in the course of time, become the granary of the world, the emporium of commerce, the seat of manufactures, the focus of great monied operations,” predicted DeWitt Clinton, governor of New York in 1824. He was speaking about the effects of the Erie Canal, which connected the Great Lakes to the Hudson River. Originally derided as “Clinton’s folly”, the canal helped to open up the west, allowing New York to benefit enormously from an explosion of trade. Within 15 years of the opening, New York was the busiest port in America, moving more than Boston, Baltimore and New Orleans combined. The plan to open an applied sciences university campus in New York City, reckons Seth Pinsky, who heads New York’s Economic Development Corporation, is an “Erie Canal moment”.


The city’s embrace of high-tech has already begun. Tech clusters have emerged in Manhattan’s Flatiron District and Brooklyn’s Dumbo, home to firms like STELLAService and Etsy. Venture-capital firms and angel investors have been looking at New York more seriously than they once did. Henry Blodget, of Business Insider, notes “the financing ecosystem has also gotten very well developed, from late-stage private equity right down to angel investing.” Some $1.2 billion was invested by venture-capital firms in New York in 2010. The Big Apple even overtook Massachusetts in venture-capital funding for internet and tech start-ups, making it second only to Silicon Valley. And in the third quarter of last year, it surpassed it in venture capital in all categories. Between 2005 and 2010 employment in New York’s high-tech sector grew by nearly 30%. Google alone has about 1,200 engineers in the city.

纽约早已对高科技产生青睐。各种科技型企业涌入曼哈顿的Flatiron区及布鲁克林的Dumbo区,从家庭式企业到公司如STELLAService 和Etsy。风险投资公司和天使投资人在纽约格外认真地寻找着机会。《商业内幕》的亨利•布拉吉说道金融体系在这里已发展得十分完善不论是从后期的私募股权投资还是天使投资。”2010年纽约风险投资公司的投资额约为12亿美元。大苹果城在对互联网及科技新兴企业的风险投资方面甚至超越马萨诸塞州,而仅次于硅谷。去年的第三季度中,各行业的风险投资均超出原有的资本量。2005年至2010年间纽约高科技行业的就业率增长近30%。单谷歌一家就拥有1200名工程师。

Much of this growth has been organic, but there has been some help from City Hall. Since 2002 the city has set up more than 40 projects to help the biotech sector and helped create a network of incubators supporting start-ups in that area. It also established a $22m municipal entrepreneurial fund, the first of its kind outside Silicon Valley. A year ago Michael Bloomberg, a tech entrepreneur before he became New York’s mayor, called on universities to pitch plans to develop and operate a new tech campus in New York in exchange for access to city-owned land and up to $100m in public money.


New York received seven proposals from 17 top institutions, including Stanford University which did so much to create Silicon Valley. Almost 6,000 companies, including Google, Hewlett-Packard and LinkedIn, trace their beginnings to Stanford. But Stanford withdrew from the competition last month, days before the mayor announced the winning proposal, which came from Cornell, an Ivy League university, and its partner Technion, an Israeli technology institute. The latter is considered to be one of the driving forces in Israel’s tech industry. It helped turn Israel from a country of orchards to one of semiconductors. Some 4,000 start-up companies are located around its campus.


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folly ['fɔli]


n. 愚蠢,荒唐事 (复)follies: 轻松歌舞剧

venture ['ventʃə]


n. 冒险,风险,投机
v. 尝试,谨慎地做,

insider ['in'saidə]


n. 局内人,知情人

district ['distrikt]


n. 区,地区,行政区
vt. 把 ... 划

financing [fai'nænsiŋ]


n. 融资,资金供应 动词finance的现在分词

proposal [prə'pəuzəl]


n. 求婚,提议,建议

embrace [im'breis]


v. 拥抱,包含,包围,接受,信奉
n. 拥抱

operate ['ɔpəreit]


v. 操作,运转,经营,动手术

partner ['pɑ:tnə]


n. 搭档,伙伴,合伙人
v. 同 ... 合

canal [kə'næl]


n. 运河,沟渠,气管,食管
vt. 建运河,


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