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BECAUSE of the September 2001 attacks, the New York Police Department has become a sophisticated counter-terrorism agency. In the decade since then the NYPD has increased the number of detectives on a joint task-force it has long operated with the FBI from 17 to more than 100. It hired a former senior CIA spook to head its intelligence division. Detectives have been posted all over the world, in Abu Dhabi, Amman, Israel, London and Madrid, among other places.


Scores of native speakers of around 50 languages, including Arabic, Dari, Persian, Urdu, Pushup and Bengali, have been hired—some say the NYPD has more Arabic speakers than the FBI. It has, at times, irritated both the CIA and the FBI, who are jealous guardians of their turf. But the results have spoken for themselves. Several plots to devastate New York have been foiled, including plans to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge, the stock exchange and Times Square.

The NYPD has been duly applauded for all this. Last year Barack Obama’s head of counter-terrorism called its efforts “heroic”. But now it may have overstepped the mark. According to an exposé by the Associated Press, the NYPD has been monitoring Muslims not just in New York, but also across the Hudson river (and the state line) in Newark, New Jersey. It appears to have done so for no better reason than that its targets practise Islam.
A 60-page “demographics” report about Newark’s Muslims, compiled by NYPD’s Intelligence Division, includes photographs of shops, restaurants and a school that are owned or frequented by Muslims. It also catalogues information about Muslims on Long Island. And the NYPD has kept a close eye on students on several campuses in the north-east, including Rutgers, Columbia and Yale. An undercover cop apparently even went with students on a white-water rafting trip.
Muslims and civil-rights groups are angry and anxious about all this. Parents are advising their children not to join Muslim student groups. Azka Mohyuddin, one such student, worries that her name will end up on a “do-not-fly” list. Cory Booker, Newark’s mayor, and Chris Christie, New Jersey’s governor, who were not informed about the NYPD’s activities, are not happy either. New Jersey’s attorney-general is looking into the matter, and the federal Justice Department is wondering whether to investigate the complaints. This being America, a class-action lawsuit is looking likely. But Ray Kelly, the police commissioner, defended his force in a speech on March 3rd, saying it would be folly to ignore what takes place outside the city. “If terrorists are not limited by borders and boundaries”, he said, “we can’t be either.”
穆斯林和人权组织对此表示十分的愤怒和忧虑。家长们则建议他们的子女最好远离穆斯林学生群体。Azka Mohyuddin就是这样的一个的一名学生,她担心她会被列入不予培养的名单当中。纽瓦克市市长Cory Booker,以及新西南州州长Chris Christie,都不知道纽约警方的这一系列的行为。他们对此也表示十分的反感。新泽西州的司法部长已经着手介入调查。联邦司法部门正在犹豫是否去调查这样的一些抱怨之声。在美国,这样的一场集体诉讼可能即将要上演。但是,警察委员会委员长Ray Kelly在三月三号的一次演讲中力挺他们这样的行动,并认为忽略这个城市以外将发生的事情是一件十分愚蠢的事情。“如果恐怖分子不受制于国界与边界,我们当然也就不会这样做了”
At the federal level, mechanisms are in place to keep agents in check. In New York the NYPD has to abide by the so-called Handschu guidelines, which are designed to keep the police from investigating a person or group solely because of politics or religion; they need something concrete to go on. But the guidelines were relaxed after the 2001 attacks, and are anyway open to broad interpretation. Faiza Patel of the Brennan Centre for Justice feels that an independent oversight authority, like the inspector-general in Los Angeles, may be needed.
事件上升到联邦的级别,机制的存在是为了让机构能够有效的运行。在纽约,警方的力量被那些所谓的Handschu规则所限制,这样的一种机制是专门为了阻止警方因为宗教和政治的原因去单独随意地调查一个人或者一个团体,而是需要一些具体的措施来跟进。但是这样的一些规则在2001年的恐怖袭击之后开始睁一只眼闭一只眼了,对涉及的一些问题给出了一些更宽泛的解释来作为一个所谓的掩饰。布鲁南司法中心的Faiza Patel认为一个像洛杉矶的综合监管机构那样的独立的监管机构是非常有存在的必要的。
The irony about this surveillance, says Eugene O’Donnell of John Jay College of Criminal Justice—a former policeman himself—is that it is alienating the very groups the NYPD need to keep sweet in order to induce them to give information about extremists. “This dragnet approach was a recipe for trouble,” he says.

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stock [stɔk]


n. 存货,储备; 树干; 血统; 股份; 家畜

irony ['aiərəni]


n. 反讽,讽剌,讽剌之事

approach [ə'prəutʃ]


n. 接近; 途径,方法
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informed [in'fɔ:md]


adj. 见多识广的 v. 通告,告发 vbl. 通告,

lawsuit ['lɔ:sju:t]


n. 诉讼,控诉

recipe ['resipi]


n. 食谱,秘诀,药方

decade ['dekeid]


n. 十年


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