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THE race for the Republican presidential nomination has followed a consistent pattern. Every month or so a candidate emerges from the pack to threaten Mitt Romney’s lead, only to drop back after a week or two. It used to be a new challenger each time: Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Rick Perry and so on. Lately, it has been the same man periodically snapping at Mr Romney’s heels before falling behind again: Rick Santorum, a former senator from Pennsylvania. This week Mr Santorum flubbed yet another chance to overtake Mr Romney, by losing the primary in Illinois. That is great news for Mr Romney.

After Georgia, Illinois is the biggest prize yet, accounting for 69 of 2,286 delegates to the Republican convention in August, at which the nominee will formally be selected. Mr Romney won by a big margin: 47% to 35%. Because of the complicated electoral rules in Illinois and many other states, that will bring him at least two-thirds of the delegates from the state. It also marks the first time that he has drubbed Mr Santorum in the Midwest, after narrow wins in Michigan and Ohio and defeats in Iowa and Minnesota.
伊利诺斯州是继乔治亚州之后最重要的选区,在2286名参加八月举办的共和党大会的代表中,有69名都来自伊利诺斯州,届时大会将正式选出提名者。罗姆尼以47%比35%的绝对优势大获全胜。 多亏了伊利诺斯和其他州复杂的选举规则,罗姆尼将获得至少三分之二的伊利诺斯州代表的支持。这也标志着在经历了密歇根,俄亥俄的险胜以及爱荷华,明尼苏达的失败之后,罗姆尼首次在中西部地区打败了桑托勒姆。
Mr Santorum did his best to expand his appeal beyond the most conservative voters, talking in histrionic terms about the need for smaller government. “This is the most important election of your lifetime,” he intoned at a rally in Peoria, the supposed navel of middle America. “Freedom [is] at stake,” he tweeted on the morning of the primary. But he had already fluffed his lines, appearing to suggest that the unemployment rate was not that important (compared with preserving America’s founding principles, he meant).
Disappointingly for Mr Santorum, Peorians seemed to have faith in Mr Romney’s ability to repair the economy. People for whom that was the most important issue voted for him overwhelmingly, according to exit polls. They also had misgivings about Mr Santorum’s emphasis on social issues. At an event he held also in Peoria, a veteran said of his fixation with abortion: “It’s the last thing we should care about. If we keep spending, we are going to end up like Greece.” Yet like a moth to the flame Mr Santorum keeps returning to such topics, and all the controversy that comes with them. During a speech he gave at a religious school in the Chicago suburbs, two men in the audience stood up and kissed, prompting predictable hostility from the crowd.
皮奥利亚的人民抱着对桑托勒姆的失望之情转而寄希望于罗姆尼能够挽救萎靡的经济。据投票后民调显示,那些把失业率视为重中之重的人都坚定地把票投给了罗姆尼。他们同样误解了桑托勒姆强调的社会问题。在另一场皮奥利亚的集会上,一个退伍老兵表示自己支持终止计划:“这是最后一件值得我们关注的事,如果我们继续挥霍,下场会和希腊一样惨。”于是桑托勒姆如飞蛾扑火一般又回到了这类话题,以及这类话题所来了种种争议上。 他曾在芝加哥郊区的一所教会学校讲话,其间两个男人从观众席里站起来拥吻,毫不意外地招来了观众的反感。
Mr Romney has won over half of the delegates awarded so far. That pace, if sustained, will be more than enough to secure him the nomination outright, although probably not before the final primaries in May and June. His rivals, by contrast, would need to improve their showing dramatically, winning the lion’s share of the remaining delegates simply to deny Mr Romney outright victory. And they would have to do that in unfavourable states like Maryland, New York and California.
The prospects for the two other candidates, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul, look hopeless; but neither of them shows any sign of being ready to concede. Both Mr Paul and Mr Santorum argue that they have actually won more delegates than estimated in the caucus states. This could be true (those delegates have not actually been assigned yet), but the difference would be far too small to alter the dynamics of the race. Mr Gingrich, for his part, seems to enjoy campaigning and to bear a grudge about how Mr Romney and an allied Super PAC ended his time in the sun with cloudbursts of negative advertising.
纽特金里奇和罗恩保罗这两位候选人的前景也十分黯淡。但是两个人都没有退缩的意思。保罗和桑托勒姆都认为自己实际赢得的代表人数要比决策会议上公布的多。这也不是没可能(因为那些代表还没有被指派。)但差距太小,不足以改变参选动态。金里奇似乎很喜欢参选,也很喜欢抱怨罗姆尼和同盟Super PAC是如何利用负面宣传这个晴天霹雳终结了自己阳光灿烂的的参选生涯的。
Moreover, even if Mr Romney’s nomination is in the bag barring some unexpected reversal, his position is hardly commanding. His biggest wins have tended to be in places that either vote reliably Democratic in presidential elections, such as Illinois and Massachusetts, or don’t vote at all, such as Guam and Puerto Rico (which gave him almost 90% of the vote on March 18th). He still struggles to win the support of poorer, less educated, more conservative and more religious voters. On March 24th he is likely to lose the next state to vote, Louisiana. His long, hard march to the nomination continues

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negative ['negətiv]


adj. 否定的,负的,消极的
n. 底片,负

overwhelmingly [.əvə'welmiŋli]


adv. 压倒性地,不可抵抗地

predictable [pri'diktəbl]


adj. 可预知的

sustained [səs'teind]


adj. 持久的,经久不衰的

overtake [.əuvə'teik]


v. 赶上,突然来袭,压倒

alter ['ɔ:ltə]


v. 改变,更改,阉割,切除

unemployment ['ʌnim'plɔimənt]


n. 失业,失业人数

democratic [.demə'krætik]


adj. 民主的,大众的,平等的

contrast ['kɔntræst,kən'træst]


n. 差别,对比,对照物
v. 对比,成对照<

moth [mɔθ]


n. 蠹,娥