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雅思口语:a science subject you are interested in

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  science subject在雅思口语里已经不是新鲜话题,之前就让我们介绍过“学过的一门science subject”,不过这次又加上了常见的“you are interested in”的修饰限定。
  Science subject包括什么呢?math,physics,chemistry等这些理科生必修的科目肯定算,但是文科生就有些崩溃,心想当初要是有我喜欢的science subject,老娘就不学文了啊!所以对于art students,这道雅思口语题该怎么搞定呢……
  Well, geography has always been my favorite subject and it's my strong suit. I find it a really practical subject, 'cause all of our human activities involve geography, for starters, if we have a good command of it, we could even predict the condition of the weather and the change of temperature. And also, it helps with the economy, I mean, when we choose the location for a factory, we have to consider the wind and water. And the treasures underground could bring profits for the local people. And based on the ocean current, we can decide which area is the perfect place to build a fishery.
  And the geography class in our school is also entertaining. Our teacher always plays documentary during class. This multi-media approach is much more appealing than just reading textbooks and taking notes. Thanks to our teacher, we get to see the wonders all around the globe in the classroom.
  And field trips and summer camps are another thing that attracts me. Every summer vacation, our teacher would take us to the neighboring cities to visit the forests and lakes, which gives us an opportunity to be close to nature.
  All those activities can help us have a better understanding of the subject, and it just becomes more and more interesting to me.
  Biology is my favorite subject in high school. Our teacher is really humorous and she can make everything about biology interesting, I never feel bored in her class. She always encourages us to do group work, and all her assignments involve doing research online or solving problems with team members.
  I remember when we were learning the structure of human body, in order to help us have a better understanding of it, she told us to make a life-sized skeleton with clay. I'd never done something like that, when I was little, I only made fruits like apples and oranges. So I was really excited about the homework. And there were 4 of us in my team, we decided each one of us made a certain body part, and then we put them together. I was responsible for the arms. But there were some mistakes in measurement, when we put all parts together, the arms I made were longer than the legs. So our skeleton looked really weird. But my teacher said, that was not important, what mattered was that we fully understood how our bones and joints worked.
  I think that is the best way of learning biology, I mean, interest is the best teacher, and by doing all those experiments and group work, I just deeply fall in love with this amazing subject.
  留心的小伙伴们可能发现,这个雅思口语素材还可以用到team project那个话题上面。下面看看化学课:
  Well, I'm always a big fan of chemistry. And there are two reasons.
  First of all, my chemistry teacher in high school is awesome, I mean, he's got a great sense of humor, and he's student-centered. He likes to show us the magical experiments during class. So his class is really interesting, always full of surprises and laughter, no one ever feels bored in chemistry class.
  And I always get excited when I am doing the chemical experiment in the lab. It's really magical, like I said. I just love to "play with" those glass containers, and the colorful liquid is really cute. And mixing them all together, just to see what kind of product it would become is my favorite thing to do, but of course, under the supervision of my teacher, I mean, I don't want to explode anything.
  And I find chemistry really useful. It has to do with our daily life. For example, when we are shopping in the supermarket for daily necessities, we have to be able to read the ingredient label. We need to tell whether those products are healthy or not. And also we can be more aware of the toxic chemicals in our environment, and find better ways to protect the environment.
  So you see, that's why I'm so obsessed with this subject.

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protect [prə'tekt]


vt. 保护,投保

ingredient [in'gri:diənt]


n. 成分,原料,配料,因素

measurement ['meʒəmənt]


n. 测量,衡量,尺寸,大小

involve [in'vɔlv]


vt. 包含,使陷入,使忙于,使卷入,牵涉

skeleton ['skelitn]


n. 骨架,纲要,骨骼,骨瘦如柴的人或动物,家丑

entertaining [entə'teiniŋ]


adj. 引起乐趣的,娱乐性的,令人愉快的 n. 招待,

supervision [.sju:pə'viʒən]


n. 监督,管理

documentary [.dɔkju'mentəri]


adj. 文献的
n. 纪录片

predict [pri'dikt]


v. 预知,预言,预报,预测

opportunity [.ɔpə'tju:niti]


n. 机会,时机