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China is the world's largest developing country. The Communist Party of China and the Chinese government are striving to live up to our1.4. billion people's aspirations for a better life, and are committed to realizing world peace and development. Guided by Xi Jinping thought on diplomacy, China seeks peace, development and cooperation, and works actively to build a new type of international relations featuring mutual respect, fairness, justice and win-win cooperation. China is committed to working with other countries to usher in a community of shared future for all mankind. We believe the following to be important:

First, peace and stability is the precondition of prosperity and development. Recognizing this, China will stay committed to its independent foreign policy of peace, the path of peaceful development, and the preference of dialogue over confrontation and partnership over alliance. China will uphold world peace, thus creating the conditions for its development and, at the same time, contribute to world peace through its own development. China sincerely hopes that all countries will likewise choose the path of peaceful development and work together to prevent conflict and war.
Second, opening-up is essential to prosperity. An important experience China has gained from its successful modernization endeavor is to promote reform and development through opening-up. Over the past 40 years, reform and opening-up has brought phenomenal progress to Chinese lives and sea change in urban and rural landscape. By opening its door wider, China has shared its development dividends with others and boosted common development across the world. Early next month, we will host the first China International Import Expo in Shanghai. China will not shut its door; its door will open even wider. China will advance Belt and Road international cooperation under the principle of consultation and collaboration for shared benefits, create new vistas in all-round opening-up, and make economic globalization more open, inclusive, balanced and beneficial for all.
Third, multilateralism is a basic principle underpinning the global governance system. China will, as always, uphold multilateralism and make active efforts to reform and improve global governance. China will work with others to foster a more fair and equitable international order and global governance system.
Fourth, genuine security cannot be achieved unless there is universal security. China will make continued efforts to increase strategic trust among countries. China believes that disputes should be resolved through dialogue and consultation, and common threats need to be countered through international cooperation. We oppose selfish practices in which one seeks absolute security at the expense of others.
Fifth, inter-civilization dialogue provides an important underpinning for peaceful co-existence. Respect for cultural diversity is crucial for world peace and harmony. Every country is entitled to choose a development path suited to its reality. When it comes to civilizations, we should uphold the principles of equality, mutual learning, dialogue and inclusiveness, and reject the misguided belief in a so-called "clash of civilizations" or the superiority of one civilization over others.
China is committed to building global partnerships, to advancing coordination and cooperation among major countries, to deepening friendship and cooperation with its neighbors, and to strengthening solidarity and cooperation with other developing countries.
We call for fostering a framework of major-country relations featuring overall stability and balanced development. China is the largest developing country and the United States the largest developed one. There certainly exist differences and sensitive issues, but the two countries also have extensive common interests and shoulder important responsibilities. Cooperation is the only right choice. It is important that China and the US follow the principles of non-conflict and non-confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation, and work together for the healthy and steady growth of their relationship. This will meet the common interests of the two peoples and the expectations of the international community.
Ladies and gentlemen,
It takes the efforts of the entire international community to plan and pursue a bright future for mankind. China is committed to promoting world peace, contributing to global prosperity and upholding the international order. Guided by the overall goal of fostering a new type of international relations and building a community with a shared future for mankind, China will vigorously push forward Belt and Road cooperation, foster global partnerships, expand engagement and cooperation with other countries, and work with all to build an open, inclusive, clean and beautiful world that enjoys lasting peace, universal security and common prosperity. As we embark on this great journey, China sincerely hopes to enhance solidarity and cooperation with all nations. In this regard, China-Russia all-round cooperation sets a fine example for other countries.
人类的光明未来需要世界各国共同谋划、共同争取、共同呵护。中国将始终做世界和平的建设者、全球繁荣的贡献者、国际秩序的维护者。中国将围绕推动建设新型国际关系,推动构建人类命运共同体的总目标,推进共建“一带一路”,积极发展全球伙伴关系,扩大同各国的沟通与合作,同各国携手建设持久和平、普遍安全、 共同繁荣、开放包容、清洁美丽的世界。在这一伟大征程中,中国真诚希望同世界各国团结合作、携手共进。在这方面,中俄两国的全方位合作为国际社会树立了典范。
The past two decades have witnessed rapid growth of China-Russia relations. Under the guidance of President Xi Jinping and President Vladimir Putin, this relationship has delivered high-quality performance in recent years and is at its best in history. Our two countries respect each other's choice of development path and social system; we have scored major achievements in practical cooperation; we maintain close communication and coordination on regional and international affairs; and together, we have played a vital role in safeguarding world peace and stability. China and Russia both advocate a new type of international relations and shoulder the task of promoting peace and development. In a complicated and volatile world, our two countries are determined to further leverage our role as major responsible countries, and make more positive contributions to the world.
First, China and Russia need to serve as a bedrock of world peace and stability. Both our countries firmly uphold the international order and system centered around the purposes and principles of the UN Charter. We both support the core role of the UN in international affairs, and uphold multilateralism and a multipolar world. We strive to resolve regional and international hot-spots such as the issue of the Korean Peninsula, Syria and the Iranian nuclear issue by political and diplomatic means. We have maintained close coordination and collaboration on multilateral affairs, and worked to foster a fairer and more equitable international order. As security risks and challenges keep cropping up, China and Russia need to advance international security cooperation, make joint efforts to tackle traditional and non-traditional security threats, combat terrorism, separatism and extremism, and ensure national, regional and global security and stability.
Second, China and Russia need to act as an engine of global growth. Our times call for both our two countries to pursue common development through opening-up and cooperation, and to reject unilateralism and trade protectionism. We oppose politicizing economic and trade issues, or willfully initiating a trade war and unilateral sanctions. For China, Russia is a most crucial partner in Belt and Road cooperation. In 2015, President Xi and President Putin signed a Joint Declaration on Cooperation in Aligning the Building of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), which set into motion the cooperation process between these two initiatives. This marks a major step in regional economic integration and contributes to an open world economy. Going forward, China will continue to partner with Russia in advancing regional economic integration and building high-standard economic and trade cooperation mechanisms and arrangements for sustainable economic development in Eurasia.
Third, China and Russia need to build a bridge of inter-civilization exchanges and mutual learning. Dialogue among civilizations is an effective way to improve mutual understanding, enhance friendship and address differences. The string of cultural events held in each other's countries in recent years set a good example for exchanges and mutual learning between civilizations and countries. In response to increasingly complicated regional and international challenges in the 21st century, China and Russia need to make continued efforts to advocate respect for cultural diversity and promote inclusive exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations to build a more peaceful and harmonious world.
Ladies and gentlemen,
China and Russia are good neighbors, good partners and good friends. In a world fraught with changes and challenges, it is all the more important that we seize the historic opportunities before us and respond to the call of our times by strengthening solidarity and coordination and deepening cooperation in all areas. Let us work together for greater peace, stability, development and prosperity of the world.
Thank you!

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resolve [ri'zɔlv]


n. 决定之事,决心,坚决
vt. 决定,解决

prosperity [prɔs'periti]


n. 繁荣,兴旺

harmony ['hɑ:məni]


n. 和弦,协调,和睦,调和

response [ri'spɔns]


n. 回答,响应,反应,答复
n. [宗

collaboration [kə.læbə'reiʃən]


n. 合作,通敌

rural ['ru:rəl]


adj. 农村的

effective [i'fektiv]


adj. 有效的,有影响的

fraught [frɔ:t]


n. [苏格兰]货物 vt. 装货 adj. 充满的,伴

determined [di'tə:mind]


adj. 坚毅的,下定决心的

steady ['stedi]


adj. 稳定的,稳固的,坚定的
v. 使稳固