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名著《呼啸山庄》中英文对照翻译 第28篇

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CATHY stayed at Thrushcross Grange five weeks: till Christmas. By that time her ankle was thoroughly cured, and her manners much improved. The mistress visited her often in the interval, and commenced her plan of reform by trying to raise her self-respect with fine clothes and flattery, which she took readily; so that, instead of a wild, hatless little savage jumping into the house, and rushing to squeeze us all breathless, there 'lighted from a handsome black pony a very dignified person, with brown ringlets falling from the cover of a feathered beaver, and a long cloth habit, which she was obliged to hold up with both hands that she might sail in. Hindley lifted her from her horse, exclaiming delightedly, 'Why, Cathy, you are quite a beauty! I should scarcely have known you: you look like a lady now. Isabella Linton is not to be compared with her, is she, Frances?' 'Isabella has not her natural advantages,' replied his wife: 'but she must mind and not grow wild again here. Ellen, help Miss Catherine off with her things - Stay, dear, you will disarrange your curls - let me untie your hat.'

凯西在画眉山庄住了 5 周,直到圣诞节才回来。不仅她的脚伤痊愈了,她的举止也文雅多了。那期间,女主人常常去看她,并执行了她的改良计划——让凯西自尊地成长,给她漂亮的衣服,说些恭维的话,而对于这些凯西竟欣然接受了。就这样,凯西不再是那个不懂规矩,不带帽子的野孩子——蹦跳着进屋,冲过来紧紧地抱住我们,让我们透不过气来。凯西的回来,让我们眼前一亮:束着漂亮黑色马尾的高贵人儿,戴着带羽毛的海狸帽,棕色的卷发在帽下自然垂下,穿着一件长兔毛大衣,当她仪态万方的到来时,她不得不用双手合着她的大衣。欣德利把她从马上抱下来,高兴的说道:“哎呀,凯西,你真是个美人啊!我几乎都不认识你了。你现在看起来是个淑女了。伊莎贝拉·林顿都根本没法和她比,是吧?弗郎西丝?”“伊莎贝拉不具有她的天生丽质。”他的妻子回答道,“但是她必须得注意,可不能在这再变回不守规矩的野孩子。艾伦,帮凯瑟琳小姐把外套脱下来。别动,宝贝,你会把发卷弄乱的。让我帮你把帽子脱下来。”

I removed the habit, and there shone forth beneath a grand plaid silk frock, white trousers, and burnished shoes; and, while her eyes sparkled joyfully when the dogs came bounding up to welcome her, she dared hardly touch them lest they should fawn upon her splendid garments. She kissed me gently: I was all flour making the Christmas cake, and it would not have done to give me a hug; and then she looked round for Heathcliff. Mr. and Mrs. Earnshaw watched anxiously their meeting; thinking it would enable them to judge, in some measure, what grounds they had for hoping to succeed in separating the two friends.


Heathcliff was hard to discover, at first. If he were careless, and uncared for, before Catherine's absence, he had been ten times more so since. Nobody but I even did him the kindness to call him a dirty boy, and bid him wash himself, once a week; and children of his age seldom have a natural pleasure in soap and water. Therefore, not to mention his clothes, which had seen three months' service in mire and dust, and his thick uncombed hair, the surface of his face and hands was dismally beclouded. He might well skulk behind the settle, on beholding such a bright, graceful damsel enter the house, instead of a rough-headed counterpart of himself, as he expected. 'Is Heathcliff not here?' she demanded, pulling off her gloves, and displaying fingers wonderfully whitened with doing nothing and staying indoors.


'Heathcliff, you may come forward,' cried Mr. Hindley, enjoying his discomfiture, and gratified to see what a forbidding young blackguard he would be compelled to present himself. 'You may come and wish Miss Catherine welcome, like the other servants.'


Cathy, catching a glimpse of her friend in his concealment, flew to embrace him; she bestowed seven or eight kisses on his cheek within the second, and then stopped, and drawing back, burst into a laugh, exclaiming, 'Why, how very black and cross you look! and how - how funny and grim! But that's because I'm used to Edgar and Isabella Linton. Well, Heathcliff, have you forgotten me?'


She had some reason to put the question, for shame and pride threw double gloom over his countenance, and kept him immovable.


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embellishment [im'beliʃmənt]


n. 装饰,润色,修饰

soap [səup]


n. 肥皂
vt. 用肥皂洗,阿谀奉承

countenance ['kauntinəns]


n. 面容,面部表情,支持

embrace [im'breis]


v. 拥抱,包含,包围,接受,信奉
n. 拥抱

neglect [ni'glekt]


vt. 忽视,疏忽,忽略
n. 疏忽,忽视

polished ['pɔliʃt]


adj. 擦亮的;优美的;圆滑的 v. 擦亮(polis



adj. 被允许的 v. 允许(permit的过去分词)

kitchen ['kitʃin]


n. 厨房,(全套)炊具,灶间

amuse [ə'mju:z]


v. 消遣,娱乐,使 ... 发笑

trousers ['trauzəz]


n. 裤子