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口语常用俚语 第11期:暂时别做这件事

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[00:00.00]501.Don't do it for the time being.
[00:03.32]502.I'll knock you flat.
[00:05.51]503.Don't jump on me.
[00:07.37]504.Keep your nose out of this.
[00:09.64]505.The situation is getting worse and worse.
[00:13.77]506.He is in the soup.
[00:16.20]507.Are you self-employed?
[00:18.42]508.You lack humanity.
[00:20.48]509.Keep your hands to yourself.
[00:23.43]510.No great shakes!
[00:25.34]511.I keep nothing from you.
[00:27.95]512.I know you kept a lot of things from me.
[00:31.63]513.Don't warm a snake in your bosom.
[00:34.69]514.He is out of danger now.
[00:37.22]515.I've never seen him before.
[00:39.63]516.He'll never spot me.
[00:41.61]517.You are doing me a faver.
[00:44.54]518.How did you make out?
[00:46.97]519.Give me a couple of days to kick it around.
[00:51.54]520.Take my words to heart.
[00:54.00]521.You are standing on my property.
[00:57.21]522.If you are in a hurry,go yourself.
[01:01.34]523.What the devil are you doing?
[01:04.42]524.Your wish is my command.
[01:07.29]525.He always loses his head.
[01:10.45]526.You are a lucky dog!
[01:12.78]527.You've got a big mouth.
[01:15.28]528.It won't be long.
[01:17.19]529.Take good care of yourself.
[01:19.88]530.His head is in the clouds.
[01:22.70]531.Here's yours.
[01:24.11]532.How is your business?
[01:26.10]533.You are impossible!
[01:28.27]534.No one else is here.
[01:32.92]537.short time = make love
[01:36.50]538.What do you want to see me about?
[01:39.66]539.It's up to you.
[01:41.80]540.You want to bet?
[01:43.52]541.I hope you will like it.
[01:46.11]542.Everything that can be done has been done.
[01:50.37]543.You will be sorry for this.
[01:53.03]544.Don't make a lot of promises.
[01:55.80]545.You read my mind.
[01:58.18]546.I can't live without you.
[02:01.03]547.You are going to set the world on fire.
[02:04.89]548.You'll have to bill me,I am short of cash.
[02:09.36]549.Don't think too much of yourself.
[02:12.36]550.You know better than I.
[02:14.92]551.Don't speak ill of others.
[02:17.59]552.You know the rules.
[02:19.52]553.It could be a lot of reasons.
[02:22.50]554.Do to others before they do to you.
[02:26.65]555.It's going a bit too far.
[02:29.76]556.We did it in no time.
[02:32.32]557.Friends are honest with each other.
[02:35.27]558.You have my word.
[02:37.07]559.We keep no secrets from our friends.
[02:40.50]560.I'm in a good mood today.
[02:43.21]561.If it was damaged,I'll be happy to replace it.
[02:47.94]562.You have got to do something.
[02:50.40]563.You are too much for me.
[02:52.96]564.Hurry up,he is calling the roll.
[02:56.67]565.I'm going out there to make history.
[03:00.40]566.You can't please everyone.
[03:03.01]567.All roads lead to Rome.
[03:06.02]568.I'll say no more,because there is no more to say.
[03:11.16]569.Please lend an ear to me.
[03:13.70]570.You are all alike.
[03:15.87]571.I'll back you up.
[03:17.88]572.Nothing to it,I can fix it myself.
[03:22.21]573.Don't soft soap me.
[03:24.04]574.I suppose so.
[03:26.34]575.He wants to start over again.
[03:29.24]576.I don't like all yes-men.
[03:31.96]577.He tries to cash in on me.
[03:35.38]578.I think I had better be going.
[03:38.54]579.Take it or leave it.
[03:40.34]580.I'm afraid you have got a wrong number.
[03:44.10]581.She's a would-be singer.
[03:46.64]582.She's a mother to be.
[03:49.22]583.She's a working woman.
[03:51.89]584.You ask for it.
[03:54.11]585.He's a man who needs no introduction.
[03:57.87]586.Money can buy a lot of influence.
[04:01.14]587.You had better wise up,tell me where the money is.
[04:05.68]588.People will say we don't know what democracy is.
[04:09.78]589.He's there to cheer them on!
[04:12.89]590.My radio is on the blink.
[04:16.31]591.Good luck.
[04:18.14]592.Let's go window shopping.
[04:20.88] sauce
[04:22.45]594.He's a man in love with himself.
[04:25.43]595.He doesn't look big to me.
[04:28.36]596.Sometimes you win,sometimes you lose.
[04:32.20]597.It's my pleasure.
[04:34.21]598.It was like looking for a needle in a haystack.
[04:38.70]599.You are a loser this time.
[04:41.44]600.He's trying to corner the market.

重点单词   查看全部解释    
humanity [hju:'mæniti]


n. 人类,人性,人道,慈爱,(复)人文学科

command [kə'mɑ:nd]


n. 命令,指挥,控制
v. 命令,指挥,支配

blink [bliŋk]


vi. 眨眼,闪烁,屈服,视若无睹 vt. 使眨眼,尽力

impossible [im'pɔsəbl]


adj. 不可能的,做不到的

democracy [di'mɔkrəsi]


n. 民主,民主制,民主国家

soap [səup]


n. 肥皂
vt. 用肥皂洗,阿谀奉承

replace [ri(:)'pleis]


vt. 取代,更换,将物品放回原处

needle ['ni:dl]


n. 针
vt. 用针缝,激怒,嘲弄

property ['prɔpəti]


n. 财产,所有物,性质,地产,道具