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时尚双语:一吻定情 不是童话

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Where to Mix

I looked across an ocean of tanned, half naked bodies stripped down in protest of the scorching heat. A multitude of well known, artists pumped their music over the crowd in waves that seemed visible as the throng ebbed and flowed to the rhythm. The children of the 60's had Woodstock and their children, in the 80's, had Live Aid; a concert given simultaneously in England and in Philadelphia, PA to raise funds for famine relief in Ethiopia. History was made as the day unfolded. Ozzi Osborne was conscious and on stage during daylight hours. Phil Collins performed at Wembley Stadium in England and then flew across the pond to perform here in the US. Tina Turner pranced, with legs right up to her neck, across the stage in a leather teddy, leaving Mick Jagger's famous mouth agape and speechless. Robert Plant and Jimmy Page mounted the stage for a semi-Led Zeppelin reunion. Madonna braved the scorching heat in a long sleeved Chinese silk coat in response to the nude photographs of her that had been released without her authorization. And all the Woodstock wannabe's speculated whether Bruce Springsteen would be the surprise mystery final act to close the whole shebang. As it turned out, Bob Dylan, child of the 60's himself, graced the stage for that performance.

Fold in Friends

I abandoned my seat and wandered around the complex listening to musical giants the likes of Eric Clapton, The Pretenders, and Teddy Pendergrass soaking up the atmosphere when I ran in to my friend Miki, one of several friends who had traveled with me from Massachusetts. We hugged each other in excitement and disbelief that we were actually there. We met new people from all over the country who felt the same electric sensation of being part of something so global. Global love. An across the ocean brother and sisterhood kind of love. Feed the hungry love. After some drifting, I lost Miki to the crowds again with a promise to meet back at our assigned seats later. Then fully surrendered myself to become part of the whole as I snaked through the crowds, looked at the people and wondered at the parade of musicians that ignited the stage: B.B. King, Santana, Tom Petty, Duran Duran and on and on.

Add Water

I was soaked from the hoses that were opened up to cool the cooking crowd that swelled to 90,000 strong. Cannabis could be smelled cooking somewhere too. The smell of youth, the call of music and the excitement of being a part of something so huge and altruistic made an intoxicating cocktail. A natural high.

Stir Vigorously

Caught up in the magic, a glimmer of intuition caught my attention. That feeling one experiences when they know they're being watched. I felt the pull of someone's attention and instinctively scanned the crowd expecting to find a familiar face within shouting distance but what I found instead was a pair of soft, brown eyes staring at me from about twenty yards away. Not such a great distance, but with sections, seats, and isles full of people, the expanse was a moving obstacle course. A great divide but this man held my gaze across the distance. We locked eyes and I searched my memory; I didn't recognize him. We stared some more and then he stepped down from the fence he was perched upon. I lost him in the crowd but could still see his brown bandana (how 60's) bobbing above the multitudes. He was coming toward me. I felt a surge of excitement and didn't know why. But I did know that I wanted to look into those eyes again. Intrigued, I waited to see where that bandana would reappear. Then, he was right in front of me. He'd found me again in the crowd. He stood about 5'11” shirtless, tanned and lovely. He could have been younger than me or older; but it didn't matter. I just enjoyed that we'd connected and he made the effort to find me - just me - in this crowd full of thousands of women and men. He saw me and sought me out.

Turn up Heat

I looked up at him and fell into those brown eyes. We stood about a foot apart and looked at each other saying nothing but feeling electric sparks of genuine attraction. I felt my mouth smile and he took a half a step closer to me. Then Brown Eyes leaned forward with the top half of his body and hesitated with his lips just inches from my own and waited as if to say, “Is this alright?” I lifted my head toward him ever so slightly in assent and he pressured a light, sweet, lip tingling kiss upon my mouth. This was the kind of kiss one has to say “upon my mouth” not just on my mouth or lips. The simple kiss lasted only 4-5 seconds; long enough to spark passion and short enough to be proper, and in that moment, 90,000 people around us disappeared while I tasted his breath. It was only we two in the whole world. He hadn't stolen this kiss, he'd asked permission and it had been granted. It was something not taken but shared. His naked chest never touched me but I felt it all the same. His hands never touched me. He never attempted to slip his tongue into the kiss. The only part of me that connected with him physically was my lips but the connection I felt with him was absolute.

As those 90 seconds in time clicked into the history of my life, I met a man, he sought me out, we shared mutual respect, and we searched each other's hearts and fell in love, shared passion...for a moment, then parted.

Lifetime of Enjoyment

It was not until years later as I reflected on the experience that I realized I had had the perfect relationship with this man. We fell in love at the right time and parted with mutual agreement that the time for our relationship was finished. He never lied to me or cheated on me. He was never late for a date he never forgot my birthday or disappointed me. And he didn't expect anything more of me than I was willing to give. There was no laundry involved. He never broke a promise. We never moved in together to “see how that goes” only to split the cassette collection later. An entire relationship was encapsulated in a moment without complications or heartbreak. No disillusionment in him passing gas, drinking too much or seeing his rumpled underwear on my floor. We experienced passion without ulterior motives, just for passion's sake.

I still think of my time with him fondly because the unspoiled moment was a gift with all the beauty of un-trampled snow. A kiss brimming with potential. An unmarred, sweet moment shared. A kiss for love's sake. Perfection.



抬眼望去,古铜色的半裸海洋里,宣泄着如火的激情。受人追捧的艺人们疯狂地泵出音符,旋律像可以看见一样,击倒众人随着不停摇摆。60一辈有伍德斯托克(Woodstock),他们的孩子,80一辈有现场援助(Live Aid);同时在英格兰和费城举行的音乐会,正在为埃塞俄比亚饥荒救济筹集资金。这一天结束时,历史改写了。欧兹奥斯本激情焕发,在台上秀了一整天。菲尔柯林斯活跃在英格兰温布利大球场,然后飞越“水塘”来到这里——美利坚。提娜透纳身着连衫裤在空中飞舞,越过整个舞台,双腿直至她的颈部,让米克杰格的名嘴完全无语。罗伯特和吉米佩奇走上舞台,为一个半主导的飞艇举行团聚仪式。麦当娜冒着酷暑以中国丝绸长袖外套示人,以回应未经她授权的裸照门。所有伍德斯托克的拥蹙,都在期盼布鲁斯史普林斯汀,是否是此次盛会的神秘压轴嘉宾。如人所愿后,鲍伯迪伦,60年代的宠儿,为舞台画上圆满句号。













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authorization [.ɔ:θərai'zeiʃən]


n. 授权(书), 认可

slip [slip]


v. 滑倒,溜走,疏忽,滑脱
n. 滑倒,溜走

perfection [pə'fekʃən]


n. 完美,完善

altruistic [,æltru'istik]


adj. 利他的;无私心的

split [split]


n. 劈开,裂片,裂口
adj. 分散的

willing ['wiliŋ]


adj. 愿意的,心甘情愿的

stripped [stript]


adj. 剥去的 v. 剥夺(strip的过去分词形式)

touched [tʌtʃt]


adj. 受感动的 adj. 精神失常的

glimmer ['glimə]


n. 微光 vi. 发出微光

global ['gləubəl]


adj. 全球性的,全世界的,球状的,全局的


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