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"The [sales] numbers reflect the Apple fever that you see on the ground in China. If you're at a coffee shop or the airport lounge … everybody is using their iPad or iPhone," said Josh Ong, China correspondent for AppleInsider.
据美国科技博客“苹果内幕”(AppleInsider)驻中国记者翁乔希(音;Josh Ong)称:“(销售)数字反映了华夏大地上的苹果热。如果你走进一间咖啡厅,或是走进机场休息室……每个人都在用iPad或iPhone。”

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Apple has it in droves. The relatively slow pace of opening stores — only four so far in China — has led to knockoff Apple outlets, complete with stark white walls and the logo of an apple with a bite out of it. In the southwestern city of Kunming, Chinese authorities found and closed 22 such stores.

Although the stores were fake, most of the products were real, sold through unauthorized dealers or brought in illegally through the United States. A scarcity of supply in China and steep taxes on electronics make prices here higher than elsewhere. New products also arrive later in China. For example, the iPhone 4S was released Oct. 14 in the U.S. but is not expected officially for months in China. It was selling last weekend at a Beijing electronics market for as much as $2,000.
尽管这些店是山寨的,但他们卖的货大部分都是真的,其渠道可能是未经授权的经销商,也有直接从美国非法带回来转卖的。在中国,这些商品供应稀缺,加之高额的电子产品关税,导致这里的售价比其他地方要高很多。同时,苹果新品登陆中国总要晚于其他国家、地区。例如iphone 4S,10月14日在美国开始发售,但据估最近几个月内都不可能在中国正式上市;而这款手机上周出现在北京某电子市场,售价高达2000美元(约合人民币1万2700元)。

Apple's devices are mostly manufactured in China at huge electronics suppliers along the southeastern coast. Foxconn, a Taiwanese firm that assembles iPads and iPhones, has at least 250,000 people working on Apple products on the mainland, according to the group Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior, a Hong Kong-based nongovernmental organization that has been sharply critical of conditions for Apple workers. Their take-home pay is $150 a month — meaning it would take four months' wages to buy the cheapest model iPad.

In a report released last month titled "iSlave behind the iPhone," the group said the extraordinary demand for Apple products was putting great pressure on workers, who often are on their feet for 10-hour shifts, live in military-style barracks and are penalized if they don't work overtime. Turnover is high, at least 19 workers have committed or tried to commit suicide, and three workers died in a May 20 explosion in a workshop operated by Foxconn in Sichuan province, the group said.
该监察组织上个月发布了一份题为《我是苹果手机背后的奴隶》(iSlave behind the iPhone)的报告,报告指出工厂对苹果产品的超常品质需求给工人施加了巨大压力,他们经常一轮就是10个小时一班,一直站着干活儿,住的也是军营一般的宿舍,而且如果不加班还要受罚。据该组织称,富士康工厂人员流动率很高,而且至少已有19名工人自杀或自杀未遂,另外还有3名工人在5月20日富士康四川某车间爆炸意外中不幸身亡。

Environmental groups have also criticized Apple for failing to monitor Chinese suppliers whose plants discharge hazardous wastewater and gases into residential areas. One of the suppliers, Catcher Technology, announced this week that it had partly closed a factory that made high-end metal casings for the MacBook Air because of a "strange odor" that drew complaints from nearby residents.
对苹果的批评还来自环保组织,他们指责苹果对中国供应商工厂监管不力,导致其将有害废水、废气排放入住宅区。供应商之一,麦田科技本周宣布已部分关闭旗下某工厂,据悉该工厂为苹果超薄笔记本MacBook Air制造相当高端的金属外壳,但此前因工厂“异味”不断引致附近居民投诉。

Although the accusations have had some coverage in the United States, there's been hardly any in China.

"Steve Jobs has brought many jobs to China. Apple's models are good. Their look and touch is good. That's what's important," said Zhang Haiou, 34, who, dressed in a T-shirt with a photograph of Jobs, was selling cases for iPhones outside the Beijing store last week.

If there is any complaint about Apple, it's that it embarrasses Chinese firms that have not been able to muster the same level of innovation.

The Communist Party's Shanghai newspaper, Jiefang Daily, weighed in recently, editorializing: "We must get rid of the eagerness for quick success and instant benefits; acquire the spirit of preciseness, stability and greater perfection; and present good products with a sense of responsibility toward customers if we are to come up with our own Apple."

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brand [brænd]


n. 商标,牌子,烙印,标记
vt. 打烙印,

critical ['kritikəl]


adj. 批评的,决定性的,危险的,挑剔的

grief [gri:f]


n. 悲痛,忧伤

imitation [.imi'teiʃən]


n. 模仿,效法
adj. 假造的,冒充的

modernist ['mɔdənist]


n. 现代主义者;现代主义艺术家 adj. 现代主义的

kidney ['kidni]


n. 肾,腰子,类型

cube [kju:b]


n. 立方体,立方
vt. 求 ... 的立方

steep [sti:p]


adj. 陡峭的,险峻的,(价格)过高的

rare [rɛə]


adj. 稀罕的,稀薄的,罕见的,珍贵的

supreme [sju:'pri:m]


adj. 最高的,至上的,极度的




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