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胡锦涛会见克林顿 习近平取消会晤

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U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Chinese President Hu Jintao on Wednesday and pledged greater cooperation despite tensions on a rising number of issues.

美国国务卿希拉里・克林顿(Hillary Clinton)周三会见中国国家主席胡锦涛。尽管中美之间在越来越多的问题上存在矛盾,克林顿仍旧承诺加强合作。
But a meeting with Mr. Hu's expected successor, Xi Jinping, was unexpectedly canceled for what a U.S. official said was a back injury.
The severity and cause of the injury wasn't clear on Wednesday. The U.S. official said the cancellation wouldn't likely affect the tenor of Mrs. Clinton's visit. A senior State Department official said Mr. Xi had also canceled appearances with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and an unidentified Russian official.
伤势的严重程度和受伤原因不明。上述美国官员说,取消与习近平的会晤不太可能影响克林顿此行的重要性。美国国务院一位高级官员说,习近平还取消了与新加坡总理李显龙(Lee Hsien Loong)和一位俄罗斯官员共同露面的活动。这位俄罗斯官员的身份没有透露。
Mr. Xi, who is 59 years old, wished Mrs. Clinton a productive visit in a message delivered by Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, according to another U.S. official. Mr. Xi is widely expected to succeed Mr. Hu as Communist Party chief at a once-a-decade leadership change this fall.
Speaking in Beijing's Great Hall of the People, Mr. Hu and Mrs. Clinton highlighted areas of cooperation between the world's No. 1 and No. 2 economies in an apparent effort to put the relationship in a positive light after weeks of sniping on issues ranging from trade to regional disputes over China's claims of sovereignty over local waters.
Mr. Hu cited Mrs. Clinton's previous work with Chinese officials. 'All of this shows the high level of importance you attached to the China-U.S. relationship and the efforts you have made to push forward that relationship,' he said.
Mrs. Clinton said the relationship 'is on a strong and solid base,' adding that, 'we are able to explore areas of agreement, and areas of disagreement.'
In a later news conference, Mr.s Clinton noted that this was her fifth visit to China and that she visited the country on her first foreign trip as secretary of state.
She said that the U.S. were working to 'build habits of cooperation' and that the two countries 'literally consult almost on a daily basis.'
'Our two nations are trying to do something never been done in history,' she said. 'When an established power and a rising power meet.'
Mrs. Clinton's visit comes as China's government and public shows increasing skepticism of heightened U.S. strategic engagement in Asia. Mrs. Clinton will likely press Chinese leaders over deepening territorial disputes with neighbors over portions of the South China and East China seas. Washington has repeatedly said it doesn't take sides in territorial disputes but maintains an interest in protecting freedom of navigation in the region.
The visit isn't expected to spur diplomatic breakthroughs. Rather, it is viewed by diplomats and analysts as paving the way for a regional summit in November, where the U.S. and some territorial claimants will likely push to discuss territorial disputes in a multilateral setting. Beijing has resisted similar efforts in the past, and prefers handling disputes on a bilateral basis.
A barrage of commentaries in state media in recent days underscored mistrust of Mrs. Clinton's strategy. Many in China fear the U.S. is attempting to contain China's rapid economic and political ascent.
Mrs. Clinton told Mr. Hu that her trip 'most likely is my last visit in this capacity' as secretary of state. She is expected to step down following November's presidential election.
'We hope Clinton can reflect upon the deep harm she is bringing to the Sino-U.S. relationship in the last few months before she leaves office and try to make up for it,' read an editorial in the Global Times, a tabloid affiliated with the Communist Party's flagship People's Daily.The editorial bore the headline: 'Hillary, a Figure Who Deeply Exacerbates U.S.-China Mutual Distrust.'
The Chinese Foreign Ministry last month in a strongly worded statement questioned U.S. intentions in the region. Hong Lei, a spokesman for the ministry sounded a cautious note during a daily news briefing Tuesday: 'We hope the U.S. side can keep relevant promises and do more to boost regional peace and stability and not the opposite.'
During her visit, analysts say, Mrs. Clinton will be looking to balance pressing for China's cooperation on regional hot-button issues with a need for China's broader cooperation on wider diplomatic concerns over Syria and Iran. But Chinese analysts say there is concern among Chinese officials and the public that the U.S. is being disingenuous when it say its refocus on Asia isn't designed to contain China's influence.
'Sometimes it's not a matter of being soft or tough,' said Wu Xinbo, who researches U.S.-China ties at Fudan University in Shanghai. 'It's a matter of trust and credibility.'

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bore [bɔ:]


vt. 使厌烦
n. 讨厌的人,麻烦事

cooperation [kəu.ɔpə'reiʃən]


n. 合作,协作

election [i'lekʃən]


n. 选举

explore [iks'plɔ:]


v. 探险,探测,探究

diplomatic [.diplə'mætik]


adj. 外交的,古字体的,老练的

distrust [dis'trʌst]


n. 不信任 vt. 不信任

apparent [ə'pærənt]


adj. 明显的,表面上的

senior ['si:njə]


adj. 年长的,高级的,资深的,地位较高的

capacity [kə'pæsiti]


n. 能力,容量,容积; 资格,职位

previous ['pri:vjəs]


adj. 在 ... 之前,先,前,以前的