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In 2012 McKinsey analysts using data from the University of Groningen released a striking map showing how the global economic centre of gravityhas shifted since AD1. Yes you read that correctly: since Jesus was a year old. Looking at the map now brings a fresh reminder of how Europe's global position is fast being challenged. Awakening to that reality is why it makes sense to stick together and make the European project thrive not wither away.

Here's a glimpse of what the map says. It took one century from 1820 to 1913 for the centre of gravity (as measured by "weighing" locations' GDP) to move from Asia to Europe. After the second world war that point moved across the Atlantic to the United States. In the 1960s 70s 80s and 90s it remained in the western part of the northern hemisphere. Then a dizzying acceleration occurred. In just one decade from 2000 to 2010 the centre swept back to Asia reversing almost all the trends of the previous 2000 years.
I'm all for international cooperation but it always baffles me why we had to get into bed with the other European nations. It's not as if Sri Lanka is being absorbed into an Indian/Bangladeshi superstate or Chile into a Brazil/Argentina supranational structure.
Has China & India got a free trade deal with the EU? News to me. The Indian trade deal was vetoed by the UK because it obxted to including 75000 work visas in the deal. With the UK gone I've no doubt that a trade deal with India will agreed with the EU long before it is agreed with the UK.
中印是否已与欧盟达成自由贸易协议?那还真是一个大新闻。印度的贸易协议被英国否决,因为英国反对协议中的包括7.5万份工作签证。 但随着英国离开欧盟,我毫不怀疑,在与英国达成一致之前,欧盟与印度的贸易协议将率先达成。

Could you please explain in what specific ways has the liberal left contributed to erode "Europe's rich culture" Jan Ravens being accused of racism by many on the Left for doing an imitation of Diane Abbott isn't an attack on the long tradition of political satire?

你能解释解释左派的自由主义是以什么样具体的方式来损害"丰富的欧洲文化"吗?Jan Ravens被很多左派指责种族主义,因为他对Diane Abbott(英国工党黑人女议员)的模仿并不是对政治讽刺传统的攻击。
It's not Berlin or Brussels running the EU. It's money. That's where a lot of it happens to be concentrated. Capitalism concentrates capital. There's your enemy. Not a country. Or a people. Or a continent.
German (and Swedish another country rapidly losing control of the problem) policy where by such information is not published precisely because of its inflammatory nature. whilst of course:Asian political regimes are open & transparent when it comes to disseminating information... & do not try to filter information so as to assert their authority. btw: asking for evidence is not trolling...
The UK can cut & paste the bits that have been agreed already and due to no longer having to get another 26 countries opinion close deals quicker. Fucking clueless. You can paste whatever you like into a document but you still need to get the other party's agreement. Say you paste the contents of the recent CETA agreement into a document and toss it over to the Canadians as a draft treaty. You expect them to sign it? Why would they do that? The UK's economy is around a tenth of the size of the EU's with next to no heacy manufacturing and a lot of services. What can the UK offer the Canadians? It won't be the same as what what the EU can. There would still be years of negotiations ahead to bespoke the treaty. Are there any intelligent brexiters here?


The EU's best answer to the growth of Asian power is to be the EU with an emphasis on unity towards external partners and solidarity among internal partners. This is the reverse of an hostile defensive stance. An united and strong entity can afford to be welcoming and cooperative. There is nothing illegitimate about the growth of Asian power. Like any change it may have downsides and the EU can mitigate them. Conversely a divided wobbly polity is more likely to lash out and develop a fortress mentality. See Britain...


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illegitimate [.ili'dʒitimit]


adj. 非法的,私生的,不合规则的

decade ['dekeid]


n. 十年

cooperative [kəu'ɔpərətiv]


adj. 合作的,共同的
n. 合作社

document ['dɔkjumənt]


n. 文件,公文,文档
vt. 记载,(用文件

dizzying ['diziiŋ]


adj. 极快的,极高的

concentrated ['kɔnsentreitid]


adj. 全神贯注的,浓缩的 动词concentrate

liberal ['libərəl]


adj. 慷慨的,大方的,自由主义的
n. 自

hemisphere ['hemisfiə]


n. 半球

stick [stik]


n. 枝,杆,手杖
vt. 插于,刺入,竖起<

transparent [træns'perənt]


adj. 透明的,明显的,清晰的