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Donald Trump has come to Vladimir Putin’s defence in the war of words over last year’s US election, describing the Russian president’s denials of meddling as sincere.

在围绕去年美国大选的口水战中,唐纳德?特朗普(Donald Trump)为弗拉基米尔?普京(Vladimir Putin)进行了辩护,称俄罗斯总统否认干预是真诚的。
In the second weekend of his Asia tour, Mr Trump also voiced confidence in the US intelligence agencies that concluded that Russia interfered in the race — but stressed the priority he put on co-operation with Moscow.
“When will all the haters and fools out there realise that having a good relationship with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing,” Mr Trump tweeted after discussing issues including Syria with Mr Putin on the margins of the Apec summit in Vietnam.
The US president had sparked off controversy on Saturday when he told reporters that the Russian president felt “insulted” by the claims of meddling and suggested that Mr Putin’s denials were genuine, giving the impression that he accepted them.
The Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which oversees the US intelligence community, in January released a report in which the CIA, the FBI and the National Security Agency concluded Mr Putin had orchestrated a campaign to help Mr Trump defeat Hillary Clinton and that the Russian government “had a clear preference” for the New York mogul to win the election.
统筹美国情报体系的国家情报总监办公室(Office of the Director of National Intelligence)今年1月发布一份报告,中央情报局(CIA)、联邦调查局(FBI)和美国国家安全局(NSA)在报告中认定,普京精心策划了一场帮助特朗普击败希拉里?克林顿(Hillary Clinton)的行动,俄罗斯政府“明显更希望”这位纽约大亨赢得大选。
Speaking on Air Force One, Mr Trump said the men who led those bodies when the Russia report was released were “political hacks” and that the Russia claims were an “artificial Democratic hit job”.
特朗普在“空军一号”(Air Force One)上发表讲话时表示,在关于俄罗斯的报告发布时,这些情报机构的领导者是“政治仆从”,而声称俄罗斯干预了大选是“人为的民主党暗算行动”。
Both James Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence, and John Brennan, the former head of the Central Intelligence Agency, pushed back forcefully against Mr Trump’s criticisms.
前国家情报总监(DNI)詹姆斯?克拉珀(James Clapper)和中情局前局长约翰?布伦南(John Brennan)对特朗普的批评作出强烈反驳。
“Mr Putin is very clever in terms of playing to Mr Trump’s interest in being flattered,” Mr Brennan told CNN on Sunday.
“The Russians do not harbour good intentions towards the United States and there shouldn’t be any illusions or any ambiguity about that. And our president fosters that ambiguity,” Mr Clapper said on the same programme.
Mr Trump told a press conference on Sunday that he believed “very much” in the US intelligence agencies, as they were “currently led by fine people”. But none of the agencies has changed its views on Russian interference since January.
Mr Trump also stressed that Russia had been “very, very heavily sanctioned” in recent months, and that it was time to find ways for Washington and Moscow to work more closely together.
“It is now time to get back to healing a world that is shattered and broken,” he said. “Having Russia in a friendly posture, as opposed to always fighting with them, is an asset to the world and an asset to our country, not a liability.”
He repeated his argument that the damage to the US-Russia relationship from the election allegations was hurting efforts to tackle the North Korean nuclear crisis.
“It is very important to be able to get along with Russia, to get along with China,” the US president said. “Russia and China in particular can help us with the North Korea problem, which is one of our truly great problems.”
North Korea topped the agenda during Mr Trump’s visits to Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing. While anxiety about Pyongyang is mounting, there are concerns that Washington may be preparing to take military action against the Kim Jong Un regime.
在特朗普访问东京、首尔和北京期间,朝鲜问题是议程上的首要事项。在平壤引起越来越多焦虑的同时,人们也担心华盛顿可能准备对金正恩(Kim Jong Un)政权采取军事行动。
In a sign of the tension, Mr Trump emphasised his displeasure at being called a “dotard” — now the standard North Korean description for the US leader.
“Why would Kim Jong Un insult me by calling me ‘old’, when I would NEVER call him ‘short and fat?’ Oh well, I try so hard to be his friend — and maybe someday that will happen!” he said on Twitter.
As Mr Trump was firing his tweet at Mr Kim, his navy was starting one of its biggest exercises in the western Pacific, in a clear signal to the regime in Pyongyang.
The US navy on Sunday released photos and videos showing the USS Ronald Reagan, USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Nimitz conducting exercises with Japanese maritime self-defence forces. It is highly unusual for the US to have three aircraft carriers, with their accompanying warships and submarines, in the western Pacific at the same time.
周日,美国海军公布了罗纳德?里根号航母(USS Ronald Reagan)、西奥多?罗斯福号航母(USS Theodore Roosevelt)和尼米兹号航母(USS Nimitz)与日本海上自卫队进行演习的照片和视频。三艘美国航母连同护航军舰和潜艇同时出现在西太平洋是极不寻常的一幕。
The last time the US exercised three aircraft carriers in the area was in 2007.


Asked later on Sunday whether he could really envisage himself becoming friends with the North Korean leader, Mr Trump said that “strange things happen in life”.

“That might be a strange thing to happen, but it’s certainly a possibility,” Mr Trump said. “It would be a good thing?.?.?.?for North Korea?.?.?.?and it would be good for the world. So certainly it is something that could happen. I don’t know that it will, but it would be very, very nice if it did.”
Speaking in front of reporters at the start of his meeting with the Vietnamese president, Mr Trump also offered to help Vietnam and China sort out their differences over the South China Sea, in comments that are likely to be met with scorn in China, which does not want the US interfering in the contentious issue.
“If I can help mediate or arbitrate, please let me know,” Mr Trump said. “I am a very good mediator.”

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arbitrate ['ɑ:bitreit]


v. 仲裁

liability [.laiə'biliti]


n. 责任,可能性,债务,不利因素,倾向

shattered ['ʃætəd]


adj. 破碎的;极度疲劳的 v. 打碎;削弱;使心烦意

pacific [pə'sifik]


n. 太平洋
adj. 太平洋的

unusual [ʌn'ju:ʒuəl]


adj. 不平常的,异常的

community [kə'mju:niti]


n. 社区,社会,团体,共同体,公众,[生]群落

genuine ['dʒenjuin]


adj. 真正的,真实的,真诚的

opposed [ə'pəuzd]


adj. 反对的,敌对的 v. 和 ... 起冲突,反抗

campaign [kæm'pein]


n. 运动,活动,战役,竞选运动
v. 从事运

impression [im'preʃən]


n. 印象,效果