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马丁·范布伦(Martin Van Buren,1782年-),第八任副总统(1833年-1837年)及第八任(1837年-1841年)。他是《美国独立宣言》正式签署后出生的第一位总统。

What can be more gratifying than such a retrospect as this?

We look back on obstacles avoided and dangers overcome, on expectations more than realized and prosperity perfectly secured.
To the hopes of the hostile,the fears of the timid, and the doubts of the anxious actual experience has given the conclusive reply.
We have seen time gradually dispel every unfavorable foreboding, and our Constitution surmount every adverse circumstance dreaded at the outset as beyond control.
Present excitement will at all times magnify present dangers, but true philosophy must teach us that none more threatening than the past can remain to be overcome; and we ought (for we have just reason)to entertain an abiding confidence in the stability of our institutions and an entire conviction that if administered in the true from, character,and spirit in which they were established they are abundantly adequate to preserve to us, and our children the rich blessings already derived from them, to make our beloved land for a thousand generations that spot where happiness springs from a perfect equality of political rights.
For myself,therefore,I desire to declare that the principle that will govern me in the high duty to which my country calls me is a strict adherence to the letter, and spirit of the Constitution as it was designed by those who framed it.
Looking back to it as a sacred instrument carefully and not easily framed; remembering that it was throughout a work of concession and compromise; viewing it as limited to national objects; regarding it was leaving to the people and the States all power not explicitly parted with, I shall endeavor to preserve,protect,and defend it by anxiously referring to its provision for direction in every action.
To matters of domestic concernment which it has intrusted to the Federal Government, and to such as relate to our intercourse with foreign nations I shall zealously devote myself; beyond those limits I shall never pass.
To enter on this ocasion into a further or more minute exposition of my views on the various questions of domestic policy would be as obtrusive as it is probably unexpected.
Before the suffrages of my countrymen were condferred upon me I submitted to them, with great precision,my opinions on all the most prominent of these subjects.
Those opinions I shall endeavor to carry out with my utmost ability.
Our course of foreign policy has been so uniform and intelligible as to constitute a rule of Executive conduct which leaves little to my discretion.
unless,indeed,I were willing to run counter to the lights of experience and the know opinions of my constituents.
We sedulously cultivate the friendship of all nations as the conditions most compatible with our welfare and the principles of our Government.
We decline alliances as adverse to our peace.
We desire commercial relations on equal terms, being ever willing to give a fair equivalent for advantages received.
We endeavor to conduct our intercourse with equivalent for advantages received.
We endeavor to conduct our intercourse with openness and sincerity, promptly avowing our objects and seeking to establish that mutual frankness which is as beneficial in the dealings of nations as of men.
We have no disposition and we disclaim all right to meddle in disputes, whether internal or foreign,that may molest other countries, regarding them in their actual state as social communities, and preserving a strict neutrality in all their controversies.
Well knowing the tried valor of our people and our exhaustless resources, we neither anticipate nor fear any designed aggression; and in the consciousness of our own just conduct we feel a security that we shall never be called upon to exert our determination never to permit an invasion of our rights without punishment or redress.
In approaching,then,in the presence of my assembled countrymen, to make the solenm promise that yet remains, and to pledge myself that I will faithfully execute the office I am about to fill, I bring with me a settled purpose to maintain the institutions of my country, which I trust will atone for the errors I commit.
In receiving from the people the sacred trust twice confided to my illustrious predecessor, and which he has discharged so faithfully and so well, I know that I can not expect to perform the arduous task with equal ability and success.
But united as I have been in his counsels, a daily witness of his exclusive and unsurpassed devotion to his country's welfare, agreeing with him in sentiments which his countrymen have warmly supported, and permitted to partake largely of his confidence, I may hope that somewhat of the same cheering approbation will be found to attend upon my path.
For him I but express with my own the wishes of all, that he may yet long live to enjoy the brilliant evening of his well_spent life; and for myself,conscious of but one desire,faithfully to serve my country, I throw myself without fear on its justice and its kindness.
Beyond that I only look to the gracious protection of the Divine Being whose strengthening support I humbly solicit, and whom I fervently pray to look down upon us all.
May it be among the dispensations of His providence to bless our beloved country with honors and with length of days.
May her ways be ways of pleasantness and all her paths be peace!

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