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真实生活英语Unit22:Renting a House租房

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Ⅷ Accommodations 膳宿

Unit 22 Renting a House
租 房

Part One: Expressions
1. I need to find a new place to live.
2. Prices have really gone up the past couple of years.
3. Could I take a look at it?
4. We just finished rebuilding everything.
5. We’re going to get that done next week.
6. Why don’t I come by your office tomorrow to sign the lease?
7. You’ve done a great job.
8. How long did you want the place?
9. I’m not planning on leaving the area anytime soon.
10. You can move your stuff in tomorrow.

Part Two: Dialogues
1. Looking for an Apartment找房子
A: I need to find a new place to live.
B: Yeah? Why? Don’t you like living with me?
A: Oh, it’s not you. I just want my own place.
B: Well, check the newspaper.
A: Jeez…I didn’t realize a single bedroom apartment went for so much these days.
B: Yeah, prices have really gone up the past couple of years.
A: Oh, here’s one. It’s looks like its in this neighborhood, $600 a month. That’s not to bad.
B: No, it’s pretty good. Why not give the landlord a call?
A: Hello. I’m calling about the one bedroom in Lincoln Park. Could I take a look at it? Yes. Tonight at six is fine. Thanks.
A: 我要另找一个地方住。
B: 是吗?为什么?你不喜欢和我一起住吗?
A: 哦,不是因为你的缘故。我只是想有自己的私人空间。
B: 好吧,看看报纸上有没有。
A: 哇呀,我没料到一个单间公寓这些天这么贵。
B: 是呀,过去这几年价钱真是提高不少。
A: 哦,这儿有一个。好像在这儿附近。每个月600元,还过得去。
B: 不仅如此,真很不错呢。为何不给房东一个电话呢?
A: 你好,我打电话过来询问林肯公园的这间房。我可以去看看吗?是的。今晚六点可以,谢谢。

2.Renting a house租房
A: Hi, I’m Mary Smith.
B: Hello, I’m the landlord. John Taylor.
A: Nice to meet you Mr. Taylor.
B: Please, call me John.
A: O.K., John. Well, can I have a look at the place?
B: Sure. Come on it. We just finished rebuilding everything.
A: Oh, it hasn’t been painted yet.
B: No, we’re going to get that done next week.
A: Well. It’s certainly nice. You’ve done a great job.
B: Thank you.
A: The rent is $600 a month?
B: That’s right.
A: Well, I think I’ll take it. Can I write you a check for the security deposit now? $1200?
B: Yeah. But why don’t you come by your office tomorrow to sign the lease?
A: That would be fine.
B: Thank you. See you tomorrow.
A: See you.
A: 你好,我是玛丽·史密斯。
B: 你好,我是房东约翰·泰勒。
A: 很高兴认识你,泰勒先生。
B: 叫我约翰就好了。
A: 好的,约翰。那么,我可以看看了吗?
B: 当然。跟我来。我们刚刚将其重建。
A: 哦,还没有粉刷。
B: 还没有,下个星期我们会粉刷完。
A: 哦,不错。你们做得真不错。
B: 谢谢。
A: 租金是每个月600元吗?
B: 对。
A: 好的,我想我会租下的。现在写张支票交押金好吗?是1200元?
B: 是,你为何不明天顺道来你的办公室签下合约?
A: 这样也好。
B: 谢谢你。明天见。
A: 再见。

3. Signing a Lease签合约
A: Hi, John.
B: Oh, hi, Mary, come on in. Any problem?
A: Oh, no problem.
B: Great. I forgot to ask you, though. How long did you want the place?
A: Six months.
B: Oh, well, that might be a problem. I usually only sign one year leases.
A: Well, one year would be fine, too. I’m not planning on leaving the area anytime soon.
B: Well, if it’s not a problem. Then here you go.
A: Just let me look at it quickly.
B: Of course.
A: Looks like a standard lease.
B: Yeah, and don’t worry about the security deposit. If everything’s all right when you move out, you’ll get it back.
A: O.K. Great. Just sign and date it here?
B: Yes. Thanks. You can move your stuff in tomorrow.
A: Wonderful.
A: 你好,约翰。
B: 哦,你好,玛丽,进来。有什么问题吗?
A: 哦,没问题。
B: 很好。 还有忘了问你,你想租多久?
A: 6个月。
B: 哦,这可能有一点问题。我通常签1年的契约。
A: 那么,1年也可以。我不打算近段时间内搬离这个地方。
B: 好的,如果没有问题,你在这儿签。
A: 让我再看一下。
B: 当然可以。
A: 这看上去是标准的契约书。
B: 对。对于押金您不用担心。当你搬出的时候如果一切无恙,我会退还你的。
A: 好,很好。在这儿写姓名和日期吗?
B: 是的,谢谢。你明天就可以把东西搬进来。
A: 太好了。

Part Three: Substitution Drills
1. A: I need to find a new (place to live/ apartment/ home).
B: Why?

2. A: (Prices/ rents) have really gone up the past couple of years.
B: Yeah.

3. A: Could I (take a look/ look/ have a look) at it?
B: Sure. Come in.

4. A: We just finished (rebuilding/ remodeling/ renovating) everything.
B: It looks great!

5. A: We’re going to (get that done/ do that/ finish up) next week.
B: O.K.

6. A: (Why don’t I/ May I/ Can I) come by your office tomorrow to sign the lease?
B: Yeah, all right.

7. A: You’ve done a (great/ wonderful/ magnificent) job.
B: Thanks.

8. A: Don’t (worry/ be concerned) about the security deposit.
B: O.K. Great.

9. A: I’m not planning on (leaving the area/ moving/ moving out) anytime soon.
B: All right.

10. A: You can move your stuff in (tomorrow/ this weekend/ whenever you want).
B: Wonderful.

Part Four: Monologue
There is a wide variety of rental housing in the United States. In the cities, this mostly means apartments. They usually have one, two or three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Some are just one room apartments with a kitchen and bathroom, these are called efficiencies. People also rent out houses. When you rent a house, you pay it’s owner a fix monthly amount to live there. Prices vary according to its location and the quality of the apartment or house. You usually have to pay three months rent up front. Two months rent for security deposit, in case you do any damage to the apartment, and the first month’s rent. Most owners, or landlords, will require you to sign a contract agreeing to pay rent for a full year. At the end of the year, you’re free to find another place, or renew your lease with the landlord, as long as he still wants you as a tenant.

Part Five: Vocabulary and Phrases
--apartment (一户)公寓房间
--lease [li:s]租约,租契
--rent [rent]租金,租费
--landlord 房东;(旅馆、家庭公寓等的)主人,老板
--landlady 女房东;(旅馆、家庭公寓等的)女主人,女老板
--neighborhood 邻近地区,近邻,整个街坊
--plan on…打算
--credit 信用,信赖
--kitchen 厨房
--living room 客厅
--bedroom 卧室,寝室
--bathroom 浴室,化妆室,厕所
--security deposit保证金,不动产租赁押金

重点单词   查看全部解释    
variety [və'raiəti]


n. 多样,种类,杂耍

check [tʃek]


n. 检查,支票,账单,制止,阻止物,检验标准,方格图案

security [si'kju:riti]


n. 安全,防护措施,保证,抵押,债券,证券

kitchen ['kitʃin]


n. 厨房,(全套)炊具,灶间

concerned [kən'sə:nd]


adj. 担忧的,关心的

contract ['kɔntrækt,kən'trækt]


n. 合同,契约,婚约,合约
v. 订合同,缩

renew [ri'nju:]


v. 更新,重新开始

quality ['kwɔliti]


n. 品质,特质,才能
adj. 高品质的

vary ['vɛəri]


v. 变化,改变,使多样化